Wahlburgers invests in new POS for great performance

“We no longer need to think about our POS as we had to in the past. With our new J2 and POSitouch solution from RCS, we can now focus on what we’re good at – delivering great food and service – and the technology looks after itself.”


TUSTIN, Calif.  Jan. 28, 2016   The Client

Wahlburgers is a chain of high-profile burger restaurants in Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania and Canada that stands out from the crowd. The brainchild of brothers Mark, Paul and Donnie Wahlberg, it is a business run with great passion and a very personal touch.  It is also a reality television series on A & E that gives a behind-the-scenes look.

The Challenge

The relationship with restaurant solutions provider Retail Control Solutions (RCS) came about by chance when one of its executives, R. Jay (Rob) Cotton, dined at a Walburgers’ store.  A social occasion turned into a business opportunity when the two companies started to engage about point-of-sale technology.

Wahlburgers is a small and agile company.  Its focus is on opening new restaurants and growing trade.  It does not want to spend its time Wahlburgersworrying about its technology.  It needs invisible support to deliver great food and great service.  It turned out that Wahlburgers was experiencing hardware reliability issues and the level of service and technical support it was receiving from its vendor were eroding the confidence of management.

Says Rob Cotton: “In the fast-service food environment, equipment quality is critical; it must be resilient and durable. Wahlburgers’ terminal vendor had put in standard quality equipment and installed it in an inferior way, exposing sensitive terminals to environmental stresses by not protecting them from harsh kitchen conditions.  Not surprisingly, Wahlburgers had problems.”

RCS asked for the opportunity to prove it could provide and install a fit-for-purpose solution and to commit to provide good support in the event of problems. “I undertook to make their problems go away and provide exemplary service,” says Cotton.  “We delivered what we promised, both in terms of technology and support.”

The Process

RCS was successful in securing the Wahlburgers’ contract and started to rollout new hardware and software in May 2015 to the first stores.  In the first six months, some 30 new terminals have gone into the Hingham, MA; Lynnfield, MA; Brooklyn, NY; and Boston, MA locations.  As new franchisees and venues come on stream, a total of between 150 – 200 stores is envisaged.  Each will have an average of seven POS terminals in operation.

RCS recommended the J2 225 POS terminal from its preferred partner, manufacturer J2 Retail Systems, Inc., as ideal for Wahlburgers’ needs.  “It’s a machine that we have lots of confidence in and lots of experience,” says Cotton.

RCS was also invited to recommend replacement POS software and here it turned to another of its preferred partners, POSitouch, who provide what is known as the food service industry’s most feature-rich POS solution.  This flexible program has adapted perfectly to the quick-service needs of the Wahlburgers’ business.

The Benefits

The performance and reliability of the J2 225 POS terminals has been exceptional;

• The  new POSitouch software has been found to be functionally rich;
• When it comes to speed and effectiveness, the new hardware and software process transactions more rapidly than other available systems, liberating servers to focus on service and sales uplift;
• The new J2 and POSitouch systems are providing the client with the peace of mind it needs;
• The chosen solution is enabling RCS to meet its commitment to provide reliability  backed up with good support – delivering real value to the business;
• Accurate up-to-date trading data is available by store and on a consolidated basis, giving management a level of business intelligence not previously available.

The Solution


The counter-mounted J2 225s are ideal for Wahlburgers’ needs.  These low-profile, compact machines can even be folded when circumstances demand.   For a machine with such a small footprint, they pack a punch when it comes to power and durability.

Adds Rob Cotton:  “The ability to attach a 10.4” secondary rear display to the unit for marketing purposes is another of this terminal’s strengths.  The J2 225 is powerful enough to run a secondary screen with ease, and clients such as Wahlburgers are using this configuration in its simplest form to show guests what they are purchasing and in its most sophisticated form to run advertising and targeted promotions.

Wahlburgers has achieved excellent results from using the new POSitouch software.  “The J2 225s are a good vehicle for the POSitouch solution,” says Cotton.  “They really make it fly.”


At the point-of sale increased efficiencies are being achieved through quicker system use by servers.  “It’s all about the number of touches, how long it takes a server to go through the screens and process an order and then a check.  Wahlburgers naturally wants to limit server time at the terminals and maximize the time that can be spent on service.  POSitouch boasts the fewest touches in the industry; that adds up to a lot of time and servers are liberated to spend time with guests.”

In the back office, RCS has set up sophisticated and flexible multi-disciplinary reporting for Wahlburgers’ staff.  This uses the functionality within POSitouch and is also being integrated to the Mirus Cloud Reporting tool. Each store’s management and operations staff use POSitouch for daily reporting.  Every night the system consolidates information from all the stores to the cloud so that regional and headquarters management, together with the executive team, gain real-time access to trading data for business visibility.

The new J2 and POSitouch solution that RCS provides and supports is creating real value for Wahlburgers and delivering the reliability, functionality and service quality that the business set out to gain.