UFood Grill Depends on POSitouch to Serve Healthy Fast Food That Makes Taste Buds Explode

POSitouch userThe New England-based UFood Grill franchise is changing the way America eats, one healthy free-range bison burger at a time. UFood Grill CEO George Naddaff, known as the “guru of franchising,” is on a mission to make delicious, healthy fast food accessible to people on the go in urban centers, hospitals, airports, colleges and even U.S. military bases. UFood boasts that its health-conscious better-for-you fast food is “where delicious meets nutritious,” and boy does it ever! With four locations in Boston, Massachusetts, UFood Grill prepares fast food favorites made to order, such as pizza, burgers, fries and shakes using natural lean meats, lower-fat cheeses, whole grains and fat-free yogurt.

Everything on the menu is steamed, baked and grilled and no trans fats are used. UFood proves that you don’t have to sacrifice taste to eat healthy. The addictive UnFries are baked, not fried, to crispy perfection minus the unhealthy levels of fat and calories found in standard fast food fries.

UFood’s creative menu offers lean grilled turkey, bison and veggie burgers, signature sandwiches, personal pizzas, hearty grilled entrees, specialty salads, brown rice bowls and yummy Smuuthies made with real fruit, fat-free yogurt and optional energy enhancers. Only the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients are used, including grass-fed beef.

UFood Grill partnered with Retail Control Solutions to advance its healthy food revolution, by investing in the powerful POSitouch Restaurant POS system. The flexible Restaurant Point of Sale system helps send orders to the kitchen quicker and process credit cards in no time. And the Kitchen Automation tools, including Kitchen Video automates their kitchen and makes it more efficient.

The UFood folks can easily track their inventory of bison burgers and control food costs using the Inventory features. Labor Scheduling software helps control labor costs and the Online Ordering suite increases customer orders. Loyalty Solutions bring in new customers while stimulating revenue growth. And Enterprise Solutions provide valuable chain wide reporting features.

For information on Restaurant POS Systems in Massachusetts, contact Retail Control Solutions today at 800-767-2212.