The Restaurant business is in a state of continual change, while pressure on restaurant operators continues to rise. As a Restaurant or IT leader, your restaurant point of sale software must continually evolve to help you thrive in this hyper-competitive industry. Retail Control Solutions understands these market demands, and therefore we regularly add features and capabilities to enhance the software. The continual improvements over time make Software Assurance the logical choice to keep you on the leading edge of the restaurant industry and at the same time protecting the software investment you’ve made in your business.

Peace of Mind

Software Assurance, by its very nature, assures customers that they have access to the most current version of Point of Sale software. The program provides relief from anxieties associated with purchasing a new restaurant point of sale system. There is comfort knowing you won’t be left behind with an outdated solution as newer updates are released. As the product constantly improves, customers who are current on their Software Assurance subscription get access to the newest update. Software Assurance should be an important part of any restaurant’s strategy.

Benefits of Software Assurance

  • Protects your software investment by ensuring you have access to the latest technology
  • Benefit from the input of our research and development team and thousands of our customers around the world as we continually enhance the product
  • Software enhancements & updates

When you are ready to upgrade, we will work closely with you to ensure you enjoy a smooth and beneficial software update.