Retail Control Solutions works in conjunction with Virtual Technician software to create an affordable solution that proactively monitors your Servers, Hardware, Peripherals, and Point of Sale terminals. All of these activities work from behind the scenes and for just pennies a day. Is your Point of Sale system running low on disk space? We’ll let you know. Need to know if your employees are browsing the Internet or using USB devices to download data? We’ll tell you.

We offer proactive, monitoring that you decide what is right for your business. Our Managed Services allow you to define what you want monitored and how you are alerted. Preventive maintenance stops issues from ever occurring and implements fixes before you’re even aware something is wrong.

We offer Anti Virus and Anti Spyware solutions to keep your system running at full capacity. Our Anti Virus and Anti Spyware solutions ensure your systems are secure and automatically maintaining the most up-to-date antivirus definitions and malware updates.

Retail Control Solutions also offers an On-Line, off site Back-Up service that automatically backs up your Point of Sale database and POS transaction data on our secure remote servers. No more worrying about backing up your data as our service does it all for you. In the event that you have a malfunction and need your Point of Sale database or POS Transaction Data, our Support department can easily electronically reload this information to your Point of Sale system.