RCS endorses NRA guide for Restaurant POS

We now endorse the National Restaurant Association (NRA) best practice guide the 8 Essential Elements of Restaurant POS System Ownership.

This best practice guide was developed by the NRA to educate their restaurant members on understanding the best practice essentials of acquiring Restaurant Point of Sale systems. This best practice guide works to educate their restaurant members on how to effectively and economically make POS system acquisition decisions. To learn more about the 8 Essential Elements of POS System Ownership, visit the NRA website at http://www.restaurant.org/ .

We feel the tools and solutions introduced by the NRA help a restaurant operator identify the components, costs, vendors and hidden fees associated with a POS System. Restaurant POS technology is a required tool for today’s restaurant operator, but the purchase must be vetted carefully in order to make the best possible decision, the NRA’s tools assist in this endeavor. We have been providing Restaurant POS solutions since our inception in 1990, all of our District offices in Boston, Chicago and Atlanta look forward to working with restaurant operators to insure that they have all the information necessary to make their acquisition decision.