We offer cutting edge Video Surveillance security solutions with cameras installed anywhere in your restaurant and at your Point of Sale (POS) locations. By capturing video and matching up with the associated POS transaction data the advantages of our technology are evident immediately.

With our custom video surveillance package coupled with cameras mounted at each of your restaurant Point of Sale stations, management staff will be capable of real time observation of restaurant operations locally and via a web browser. Authorized personnel can inspect the restaurant operations remotely from anywhere using video streams which are supported by our built-in web server. This integration allows you to oversee each transaction that occurs at your Point of Sale Terminals and also review any transaction in our searchable POS transaction log.

A few Key Features are:

  • Video Surveillance system was built and designed for the restaurant industry
  • Powerful video compression saves hard disk space and allows for longer video storage
  • High resolution IP Cameras for quality image
  • Multiple Camera choices for low light environments of a bar or restaurant
  • Multiple Camera choices for indoor and outdoor environments
  • View restaurant’s cameras from any Computer or Mobile Device
  • Video playback sorted by date and time
  • Video can be exported for off site review by management or law enforcement
  • Capture “real time” POS transaction data & text  overlay on surveillance video
  • Flag suspicious transactions for immediate alert to management
  • Correlate all POS menu items with live video to visually see all POS transactions
  • Search POS transactions for Voids, Discounts, No Sales, etc, then easily view associated video for authenticity