Heartland Restaurant offers a full-featured point of sale solution that helps to reduce overall costs, manage labor and inventory, control menu changes and pricing, and streamline operations from a central application powered by the cloud.

Whether you are a single independent store, or a multi-location chain, Heartland Restaurant is designed with scalable features to improve the operations in your Table Service, Fine Dining, QSR, Fast Casual, Hotel, or Bar and Nightclub establishment.

From Online to POS to Kitchen, streamline your restaurant operations to keep customers coming back.


One Unified Restaurant Solution:

  • Point of Sale
  • Self-Order Kiosk
  • Online & Mobile Ordering
  • Mobile Guest App
  • Gift & Loyalty
  • Delivery Dispatch
  • Cloud Reporting
  • EMV Processing
  • Host Waitlist with Text Notification
  • Curbside Pick-Up

Point of Sale

One cloud-based platform to connect all of your restaurants.

Merchants have access to their restaurant from anywhere in the world.

  • At any time, a restaurant operator can jump in to help restaurant staff, check on sales in real time, update menus, change schedules and more.
  • The cloud-based platform does not require an on-site server and supports full redundancy in case you lose internet connectivity.
  • By being in the cloud, Heartland Restaurant integrates seamlessly with other applications.
  • The Cloud Based system seamlessly continues to work with or without the Internet.

Self-Order Kiosk

Speeds up ordering, upsells customers and frees up staff.

  • Use kiosks to speed up ordering to reduce lines and wait times.
  • Help your restaurant generate more sales by providing upsell opportunities.
  • Implementing self-order kiosks reduces overhead and frees up employees allowing you to reallocate that labor to other areas

Online Ordering

Integrated to take your business wherever your customers are.

  • Give customers the ability to view your menu and place orders online on any device, helping your restaurant to generate additional revenue.
  • Part of the Restaurant platform at no additional charge, one database, add an item, change a price or 86 an item in the POS and it updates in Online Ordering.
  • Online Ordering solution with contactless Curbside Pickup. The POS system texts the customer when the order is ready and optionally the Guest can let the restaurant know their Vehicle Make, Model & Color and text the restaurant when they arrive.

Guest Application

Extends your business and enhances the customer experience.

  • When guests are close to your restaurant, Appleā€™s iBeacon Technology automatically sends reminders to them about your business and ongoing offers.
  • Help your restaurant provide quicker service with our mobile app by allowing customers to skip the line when ordering and paying.
  • Turn tables faster by enabling customers to pay when they want by scanning a QR Code on their mobile device.
  • Customers can use the Scan to Pay feature on their phone that provides a contactless payment experience.

Gift & Loyalty

Grow sales by bringing guests in the door and turning them into loyal customers.

  • Bring customers to your restaurant and keep them coming back.
  • Allow customers to see and redeem the loyalty points they’ve earned in real time.
  • Enable customers to see their gift card balances and purchase history.
  • Enable merchants to see customer purchase history and then craft targeted promotions to the right guests.