Point of Sale

Whether you are an independent hotel, resort or a national chain, full service restaurant, nightclub, bar, counter service, or a combination, our Point of Sale (POS) systems are the best systems that can adapt to your way of doing business. Whether you use fixed Touch Screen Terminals or Mobile Devices, our solutions will adapt to any Hotel or Resort environment.

Inventory and Food Cost

Inventory and Food Cost is a comprehensive application designed to streamline a Hotel or Resorts day-to-day business processes for ordering, receiving and inventory. Our Inventory and Food Cost solution maintains real-time information on par levels, recipe ingredients and food costs.

Labor Management

Labor Management is an integrated Time Clock and Labor Scheduling application designed to support the specialized requirements of the Hotel & Resort industry. Its comprehensive modules help control your restaurant’s labor resources to reduce labor cost and increase productivity.

Kitchen Automation

Our Kitchen Automation solution is like having a second expeditor in your kitchen.  It provides real-time information to manage and control kitchen efficiency, which drives customer satisfaction. With Printer or Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) mounted conveniently in your kitchen, this seamlessly integrated application displays food orders for preparation and monitors the timing of orders. Our Kitchen Automation solution also provides feedback about the status of each table to allow for optimum customer satisfaction.

Table Management

Our Table Management solution is simple, easy-to-use software that seamlessly integrates customer preferences, seating capacity, and available staff, while effortlessly managing the customer’s dining experience. Capturing time-sensitive guest demands, our Table Management solution puts you in complete control from the moment the guest is greeted until the next diner is seated.

Video Surveillance

We offer Video Surveillance solutions that integrate with your Point of Sale (POS) system. By capturing video and matching up with the associated POS data the advantages of our technology are evident immediately. Authorized personnel can inspect the restaurant operations remotely from anywhere using video streams which are supported by a built-in web server.

Property Management System Integration

Our Point of Sale solutions integrate to most all Property Management Systems (PMS). Our staff has years of experience integrating our Point of Sale systems to many of the most popular systems. Please contact our Sales Department or our Professional Services Department for a list of Integrations.

Cloud Enterprise

Our Cloud Enterprise solution creates the next generation of reporting tools. It is a powerful data warehouse and business intelligence system that is easily accessed via a web browser. Our solution is a highly intuitive data analytics system that provides consolidated reporting, data storage and access to POS data.