Point of Sale

Whether you are an independent restaurant or a national chain, Quick Service, Delivery service, or a combination, our POS Systems are the best and most flexible systems that can adapt to your business. A comprehensive POS system that is both powerful and flexible can help your operation be more profitable. Whether you use fixed Touch Screen Terminals, Kiosks or Mobile Devices for line busting, our solutions are flexible and easy to use and will adapt to any Quick Service restaurant environment.

Inventory and Food Cost

Our Inventory and Food Cost solution is a comprehensive software module for ordering, receiving and inventory control. Our Inventory and Food Cost solution maintains real-time information on inventory, recipes and ingredient costs.

Kitchen Automation

Our Kitchen Automation solution provides highly visible, real-time information to manage and control kitchen orders. With Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) mounted conveniently in your kitchen, this integrated application displays food orders for preparation and monitors the timing of orders for your Speed of Service.

Labor Management

Our Labor Scheduling application is designed to support the specialized requirements of the QSR industry. Our sophisticated modules help control your restaurant’s labor by minimizing labor cost and maximizing productivity.

Online and Digital Ordering

Our restaurant Web-Based and Digital Ordering solution provides a professionally hosted food ordering solution to support call in, takeout and delivery orders that seamlessly integrates with your POS system.


Point of Sale systems that work well for most other restaurants often fall down in a Delivery or Pizza environment. Our POS solutions are designed from the ground up for Delivery operations. The POS system can easily handle the complexities of create-your-own pizzas, 1/2 and 1/4s and an intelligent driver dispatch. It is ideal for delivery, carryout, quick service, catering, and multi-brand concepts.

Cloud Enterprise

Our Cloud Enterprise solution creates the next generation model of restaurant enterprise systems. It is a powerful business intelligence system that is easily accessed via any web browser. Requiring very little end-user administration, our solution is a highly intuitive data analytics solution that enhances consolidation and access to POS files.

Video Surveillance

We offer powerful Video Surveillance solutions with Cameras installed anywhere in your restaurant. By capturing video and matching up with the associated POS transaction data the advantages of our Video Surveillance technology are evident very soon. With our custom video surveillance package coupled with cameras mounted at each of your Point of Sale stations, management staff will be capable of real time observation of restaurant operations locally and via a web browser. Our POS integration allows you to oversee each transaction that occurs at your POS Terminals and also review any transaction in our searchable POS transaction log. POS transactions are also visible in Real Time as their information is overlaid on the video image.