Point of Sale

If you are a Bar or Nightclub, our Point of Sale (POS) Systems are the fastest and easiest systems that can adapt to your way of doing business. Our POS Systems can help your operation be more efficient and profitable because they were designed by the Bar and Nightclub industry. Whether you use Fixed Terminals or Mobile Devices, our solutions are the fastest and easiest to use and will adapt to any Bar or Nightclub environment.

Labor Management

Our Labor Scheduling application is designed to support the specialized requirements of the Bar & Nightclub industries. The software module helps you control your operations labor costs and at the same time provide maximize productivity.

Inventory, Food and Liquor Cost

Inventory, Food and Liquor Cost is a comprehensive application designed to streamline Bar & Nightclub’s ordering, receiving and inventory control. Using a unified database, our Inventory and Liquor Cost solution maintains real-time information on inventory levels, recipe ingredients and costs, as well as actual versus theoretical reports.

Video Surveillance

We offer cutting edge Video Surveillance solutions with Cameras installed anywhere in your restaurant and at your Point of Sale (POS) locations. By capturing video and matching up with the associated POS transaction data the advantages of our CCTV technology are evident immediately. With our custom video surveillance package coupled with cameras mounted at each of your restaurant Point of Sale stations, management staff will be capable of real time observation of restaurant operations locally and via any web browser. Authorized personnel can inspect the restaurant operations remotely from anywhere using video streams which are supported by a built-in web server. This integration allows you to oversee each transaction that occurs at your Point of Sale Terminals and also review any transaction in our searchable POS transaction log.