Barkers Red Hots Has the Hots for the POSitouch Restaurant POS System


Barkers Red HotsAs the saying goes, “you can’t keep a good dog down” for long. And so, it goes with the acclaimed charcoal broiled hot dogs prepared by Barkers Red Hots. Glenn Robins and his wife, Vivian started the Barkers phenomenon from a downtown Atlanta, Georgia pushcart in 1984. When Barkers Red Hots closed in 1995, the insanely delicious, plump and smoky hot dogs, slathered with your choice of condiments, were sorely missed.


Glenn and Vivian reopened their beloved operation in 2007, as a Quick Service Restaurant in Marietta, Georgia. Since reopening, Barkers Red Hots has racked up a slew of awards, including “Atlanta’s Best Hot Dog.”

The motto of Barkers Red Hots is “It’s worth the wait.” Boy is it ever! A renowned family-owned sausage company in Buffalo makes the dogs exclusively for Barkers. Glenn and his team grill each hot dog to order over real lump charcoal, until they are flaming red hot, juicy on the inside and perfectly charred on the outside. The Signature Red Hot is topped with Barkers famous hot sauce, onions and a pickle. There are also yummy chili, cheese and sauerkraut dogs as well as jumbo all beef versions. Diners are also hot for the tasty Smoked Polish Sausage sandwich and the famed Grilled Flank Steak served on a salty “Kummelweck” bun. Sweet crispy onion rings, tangy vinegar fries and ice-cold Loganberry juice round out the menu.

Barkers Red Hots runs like a well-oiled machine, because they invested in the powerful Restaurant POS system provided by Retail Control Solutions, to automate their restaurant. The comprehensive POSitouch Restaurant POS software helps Barkers grill their delicious dogs more efficiently. In addition, the Inventory application seamlessly tracks the extensive inventory of plump juicy dogs and controls food costs. The Restaurant POS Labor Scheduling feature set helps the landmark hot dog restaurants control labor costs and maximize productivity.

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