Ardeo Mediterranean Taverna Serves Food for the Soul With Ease Thanks to POSitouch

POSitouch userAlthough Plato believed that “knowledge is the food of the soul,” succulent dishes infused with the fresh favors of the Mediterranean coast also provide plenty of sustenance for the soul. Ardeo Mediterranean Taverna has been serving up delicious cuisine, inspired by “the fire of the Mediterranean,” to Cape Cod diners since 2001. Ardeo Mediterranean Taverna is the original location of a regional chain of popular Cape Cod eateries. Tucked away in the quaint seaside town of South Yarmouth, MA, this popular table service restaurant is a true New England gem. Diners can stop in for a relaxing lunch or dinner, or take home a prepared meal-to-go. Ardeo also provides expert catering for special occasions, including anniversaries, bridal showers, weddings, graduations and more. Ardeo does it all!

The extensive menu offers everything from Middle Eastern appetizers, specialty salads, wood stone pizza and paninis, to pasta dishes, classic Mediterranean dishes and juicy Black Angus burgers. Tantalizing starters include, spanikopita, tabouleh, falafel and fresh-baked Lebanese pies. Mediterranean Chicken prepared with spinach, feta cheese, tomatoes and kalamata olives, Mussels Ardeo and Seafood Ardeo; a delicious medley of sautéed seafood served over spinach fettuccine, are popular entrees. Pair your meal with a glass of wine and enjoy. Opa!

Ardeo Mediterranean Taverna invested in Retail Control Solutions’ powerful POSitouch Restaurant POS system to serve up delectable Mediterranean cuisine for the soul. Restaurant Point of Sale features send orders to the kitchen quicker and process credit cards in no time. Integrated Restaurant POS tools automate their restaurant. And Kitchen Automation modules automate and make their kitchen more efficient with real time information.

Labor Scheduling features control labor costs and maximize productivity. Retail Control Solutions’ highly intuitive Enterprise Solutions provide the restaurant with chain wide reporting capabilities. Ardeo relies on the Loyalty Solutions tools to easily track its rewards club program and promotions, which bring in more customers. And PCI Solutions help the bustling taverna meet credit card security standards.

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